Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Transcendental Rebirthing Breath Workshop

This workshop facilitates a very powerful personal development technique focused on breath that has been safely used by over 14 million people worldwide.

During these workshops, deep inner cleansing occurs allowing for integration, transformation and unfolding of some of your true potential.

Childhood trauma, imprinting and programming is often brought to the surface.  It is also an effective way to detoxify the body and to get rid of unwanted stress.  A person can feel energized for days and sometimes weeks afterwards.

This workshop is based on Pranayama (breath work) which is modified into a modernized version of an ancient technique.  Through this breath work you are enabled to directly experience your own life force.

Transcendental Rebirthing also enables you to transcend your body and to access the "other" side; to enter your inner space and to turn your life around in a new and exciting direction.


Absolutely no breakfast that morning (coffee, tea, juice, water) is okay up to an hour before the session start time.  Rebirthing sessions take place in the morning.

A yoga mat, a blanket, perhaps a low soft pillow.  Sessions are done lying on your back.  Bring whatever you need to be comfortable.

Dress sporty and comfortable.  For woman, don't wear a bra if you find them constricting.

Bring your curiosity and an open mind and soul.

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