Thursday, January 26, 2017

How I am here, Is how I am everywhere

How I am here, is how I am everywhere....

If you are reading this, I’m going to ask you to take as deep of a breath as you can and then, hold it.  And keep holding.  Now, what if I told you this is your last breath?  That your life ends when you've run out of the energy this last breath has provided you.  Would you have taken a deeper breath knowing it was your last?  When I asked you to take as deep of a breath as you could, did you?  If you didn't, ask yourself why not?  Did you hold on to that last breath as long as you possibly could?

Is this the way you go through your life?  If you are asked to participate in something and you accept, do you 'take as deep of a breath as you can' or just do a half job of it? This could be anything you participate in: your relationships, your job, and your hobbies.  Are the people and things in your life that you surround yourself with motivating you enough for you to give them your ALL?  Our breath is a reflection and a metaphor for how we do our life.

The practice of Transcendental Rebirthing (TR) has taught me so much about who I am; what's truly important to me and ultimately, the direction I need to go.  Just knowing the direction is not enough though.  I still need to take the steps to continue on my journey.  It's not enough to have the map.  I need a vehicle in order for there to be a road trip.

Far too often I've lived my life like it's a practice run.  I have gone through life without any direction; without a road map, so to speak.   Modern life seems designed to do that.  It provides enough distractions so I am not able to focus on what's truly important to me.

How I breathe is how I go through my life.  Do I take big deep breaths with every inhale?  Conversely, do I exhale fully and let go completely?  With every exhale of breath, our bodies cleanse itself of toxins.  Do I expel as much as I could?  Do I live my life fully?

The practice of TR is an exercise.  In a session, you will be asked to fill your lungs to maximum capacity; to draw in as much life force energy and breath as you can.  Just when you think you are at your maximum capacity, I’ll ask you to expand beyond that and to stretch past what you thought was possible.

How you participate in a TR session is the same as how you participate in your life.  An extraordinary effort will have an extraordinary result.  Our job as facilitators is simply to guide you through the exercise and process.  We are here to support you and to create a safe environment for you to go where you need to go in that particular session.  A Transcendental Rebirthing session has the ability to be transforming and LIFE transforming.  During the active portions of the session, we use our lungs to their full capacity and beyond so that we can temporarily ‘transcend’ our bodies. When we re-enter our bodies, it can be compared to being ‘reborn’. 

Every day we are given another chance to take as deep of a breath as we can.  Every day we are given another chance to live our lives fully.  How I choose to participate in a TR session is exactly the same as how I choose to participate in my life.  Am I making choices that allow me to live fully or not?

I truly believe that ‘how I am here’ is ‘how I am everywhere.’    

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

F**k It

F**k It
Transcendental Rebirthing (TR) is based on an ancient technique modified for our modern world.  All over the world, people are practicing techniques just like it, or very similar.  I would like to bring to your attention a few excerpts from a chapter of a book titled 'f**k It therapy: the profane way to profound happiness’ by Author John C. Parkin.

From Chapter:  Breathe It (Pages 190-192)

“So, breathing; most holistic practices have some breathing component, and that says something about breathing.  Basically, some really cool guys in India a few thousand years ago realized that your emotional patterns are connected to your breathing patterns: so when you feel peaceful, you breathe in a certain way, which is different from the way you breathe when you fill out a spreadsheet, which is different again from how you breathe when in love.  And so they realized that if you do it the other way around – i.e., change the way you breathe – you can change the way you feel.”  (Pages 190, 191)

This is so very true of TR.  It never ceases to amaze me just how much we can alter the way we feel by using something as simple and natural as our own breath.

“The other aspect of breathing is it’s the only automatic function of the body you can easily change at will.  So you can ask anyone to breathe faster, or slower, or to hold their breath, and they're able to. (Ask them to do the same with their heart rate and see how they look at you.)  So as we grow up, because breathing is connected to emotions and is easily controllable, we start creating breathing patterns connected to emotions, which eventually become fixed.   As our great friend (and great breath master) Dan Brule points out: ‘Your breathing patterns become like a fingerprint, unique to you.’  So, by working with your breathing, you can work with your way of being, and you can shift patterns quickly and deeply.  What I see in everyone is that the way a person breathes represents the way they live.  Reading someone’s breathing can tell you practically everything about him or her, and gives great potential for working with them.”  (Page 191)

I believe in a very simple precept:  How I am here is how I am everywhere.   This shows up for me every time I have a TR session.  An extraordinary effort will have extraordinary results.  A mediocre effort will have a mediocre result.  Very simple.

“Of course, the breathing we use and teach is in true F**k It style, and is inspired by a technique called Breathwork, which funnily enough isn’t at all about work.  What we do isn’t a breathing exercise as such, it is a way to open fully and let go fully using breathing.“  (Page 191)

“It’s based on a surprisingly simple technique of inhaling fully on the in-breath and letting go fully on the out-breath, without holding on to pauses.  Just try five of those breaths:  deep full in-breath, short, relaxed letting go out-breath - no pauses.  Simple stuff, it seems.  But, as usual, in simplicity is depth, too.  As most of us tend not to live fully (represented by the energy of the full in-breath), and are unable to let go (the total relaxed letting go out-breath), this breathing immediately brings up most of the issues we want to unblock – and the possibility of moving beyond them.  It is amazing to discover you can just breathe in the face of anything, instead of stopping and getting swamped by events, thoughts, and judgments.  So breathing becomes a great way of saying F**k It: F**k It, just breathe.

Life comes up with its stuff, you breathe, you embrace, you keep breathing, you move on; it’s just stuff.  Then you touch on the miraculous simplicity of life.  There’s nothing fancy about miracles, they are all there is.  But most of the time we can’t see that, and we go on looking for miracles somewhere else while it’s all happening under our noses.  So, we get people to breathe and ‘see.’”  (Pages 191, 192)

A miracle is a pretty big claim, but I can tell you from my own personal experience that the practice of Transcendental Rebirthing has improved my daily life.  Our breath and the way we breathe, truly does have the potential to dramatically change the way we feel.  Practicing TR regularly continues to have a positive effect on my life.  We invite to join us for a TR session of your own and see for yourself.

Monday, January 9, 2017

The Start of a New Phase

I consider myself fortunate.  I say this because I’m with a partner that considers Transcendental Rebirthing (TR) to be just as an important part of her journey and personal growth, as I do.  Because we are both trained and certified to facilitate TR, we are able to hold space for each other and experience our own sessions whenever time allows. 

During TR sessions, I usually reach a point of clarity.  I find that what I’m most concerned with in my life in that moment rises to the surface.  Right now the thing that is in the front of my mind the most is how you came upon reading this.

Soon after I discovered TR, I knew that sharing it with others was a part of my path and my journey.  I made the choice that sharing TR would be the next phase of my work life.  The amazing experiences people were having and the immediate feedback they were giving us is our motivation to offer Transcendental Rebirthing sessions regularly.

This is a new direction for me and it’s both scary and exciting at the same time.  It’s scary because I’ve been an employee for over 40 years.  As an employee, all that was required was for me to show up on time and do a particular job.   Sharing TR is a little different than that.

It’s exciting because in what feels like overnight, I am now in the business of offering Transcendental Rebirthing to the general public. 
Just so you know, it’s not lost on me how unusual a topic Transcendental Rebirthing may seem.  We have successfully facilitated TR sessions for many people so far, but it’s never been out in a public forum quite like this.  
When I feel scared or excited, that is when I truly feel alive.  I know in my heart of hearts that sharing TR with you is what I need to be doing.  Whenever I start to doubt myself, I know it’s time for another TR session for me. 

As I said earlier, I have moments of clarity during TR sessions.  It’s what led me to this point in time.  This morning’s session was no different.   It became so clear to me.   It just seems so simple. 

The only reason we are offering TR sessions for the public is because we believe it’s an awesome experience.  It’s quite unlike anything you may have experienced before, even if you have done breath work in the past.  We want to share this amazing experience with you.  In fact, we want to share it with you over and over.

We have created a life that has put us in a position to be able to do just that.  Starting tomorrow on January 10, 2017, we are offering regular Tuesday (9:00 am) and Thursday (7:00 and 9:00 am) morning TR sessions at Healing Connections in Edmonton, Alberta.  If you are interested in doing a session, but none of these days/times works for you, feel free to contact us to make other arrangements.

We would be honored for you to be a part of the start of the next phase of our journey.  Who knows?   Maybe a Transcendental Rebirthing session may be just what you need to start you on a new journey of your own.

Namaste, Rick

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

One of the first things people ask us after a TR session is:  "When can I do this again?"   Up until now, our answer has been:  "We're not sure."   In the recent past, we worked with local yoga studios and it has been mostly a good fit.  The challenge with this was that we did not have the ability to make our own schedule and to be able to offer the TR sessions on a regular and consistent basis.

We would like to announce that we have overcome that challenge.  Starting in 2017, we will be working out of a great space at Healing Connections in Edmonton.   It's a very tranquil and peaceful environment which is perfect for Transcendental Rebirthing sessions.

Healing Connections address is: 10548 – 115 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T5H 3K6.
Check out their website:

We will have regular Tuesday and Thursday morning sessions scheduled throughout January and February.

Doing TR first thing in the morning is a great way to start your day.  The 7:00am session will give people who start work at 9:00am the opportunity to participate in a session and still be on time for work.

*The session lasts approximately 75 minutes.  We allow time at the end of each session for relaxing, journaling or the sharing of your experience with others in the group if you so desire.

Tuesday mornings at 9:00am* are:  Jan 10, 17, 24, 31 and Feb 07, 21, 28

Thursdays 7:00am* are:  Jan 12, 19 and Feb 09, 16, 23

Thursdays 9:00am* are Jan 12, 19 and Feb 09, 16, 23

Cost for a single session:  $30

We have experienced the benefits of doing a regular TR practice.  We have found these benefits to be ongoing and accumulative.   If you choose to make TR a regular practice for yourself, we have made the sessions more affordable by giving you the option of purchasing multiple sessions in advance.  

Choices for pre paid packages are:  4 sessions for $100; 10 sessions for $200

When you buy 10 sessions in advance, that works out to only $20 per session which is a tremendous value!

We have provided three ways for you to pre-pay:

1. Cash, paid before start of the session.

2. Interact Debit transfer which can be easily set up with online banking.

3. Credit Card or Visa Debit Card by using PayPal.Me and requires a PayPal account.  This account is always free and very easy to set up.

Contact us to pre-register and to arrange to purchase a pre-paid package.  Our goal is to make this process as simple and affordable as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Transcendental Rebirthing (TR)?
A. This method is based on an ancient breathing technique called Pranayama breath work which has been developed with other techniques designed for the modern world.  By using the TR breath method, you are able to directly experience your own life force.  It is one of the most relaxing and blissful meditation exercises you will experience.  Rebirthing is the fastest growing personal development technique in the world.  Over 14 million people have used various rebirthing methods. This safe and powerful breathing process releases stress, tension and negative emotional programming from the body, freeing it so that a person can live to his/hers highest potential.   Abundance of energy is the key to bliss and happiness.   Life force in its purest form is most easily assimilated from air through breath.   We are not talking about oxygen.  It is the energy that gives movement to the oxygen atom itself and to everything in the Universe.

2. Why do TR sessions take place in the morning?
A.  For most people, the morning is a time in which people are the most energetic and fresh.  During a day, we can spend a lot of our energy doing a number of activities:  digesting food; working; exercising, driving, taking children to activities, etc.  All of this takes energy.  When there is stress on top of that, by the time evening arrives, most of us are tired and spent.  It is our desire as facilitators that you get the maximum benefit from a TR experience.  Starting your day with a TR session is the best way to make that happen.  There will be less of a compromise of your experience as you will have more energy in the morning.  We also ask that you do not eat before a session and that will be easier to do first thing in the day.  See FAQ 3

3. Why can't I eat before the session?
A.  One of the most important reasons is:  we don't want the call of nature to interrupt and distract you from your TR experience.  Water, tea, coffee or juice is fine up to one hour before the session's scheduled start time.  Fruit is okay an hour before as well as it digests quickly.  TR involves very focused and rigorous breathing.  Any kind of digestion takes energy, so drinking and eating very light will take less of it.  See F.A.Q. 2

4. How long does the session take?
A.  The session lasts approximately 75 minutes with 2 active parts focused on breathing and a passive part which is meditative.  A TR experience can be very impactful.   Quite often when people come out of their TR session, we have found that they want to share the experience with the group.  We highly encourage people to share their experience as we all learn from each other in this way.  We always make time available after the session.  This way, you can choose to participate in the discussion, journal about your experience or simply hang out in a quiet space.  How long you stay after the session is up to you.  We highly encourage people to stay and share.  Depending on the size of the group, the sharing portion can last about another hour.   However, if you need to leave early, please let us know ahead of time.  If you would like to share, we will make arrangements for you to go first.

5. What do I need to bring?
A.  You will be lying on your back on the floor for the session.  Bring whatever you need to make yourself comfortable and warm.  We suggest:  a yoga mat, a blanket or two, and perhaps a small pillow.  Please wear loose and comfortable clothing.   You may want to bring a bottle of water and a snack for after the session.

6. What can I expect from a TR session?
A.  Humans release bodily toxins four different ways.  In order of effectiveness they are:  breathing, sweating, defecation and urination.  TR is a focused and vigorous breathing technique.  Subsequently, you will get rid of accumulated toxins in your body.  Cleansing your body of toxins assists you in clearing your mind.  At the minimum, you will experience a very blissful and relaxing meditation.   Everyone's experience is varied and different.  I find from my own experience, it is always different in some way.  It can be very physical, emotional, relaxing, visual, enlightening or all of the above and everything in between.  Expect the unexpected is our motto.

7. Is TR done in a group setting or alone?   How many people can participate in a session?
A.  On average, there are usually 10 people in a session, however sometimes less and sometimes more.  A tremendous amount of energy gets moved during a TR session.  As the number of participants increases, the energy increases.  For first-timers, being in a group setting can have real benefits.  Sometimes it takes some time to find your own rhythm and pace of breath.  If you are struggling with this, being able to hear participants breathing may just be the encouragement you need.   We find that groups will generally work together and by the end of the session, everyone is breathing in unison.
However, if you would prefer to do a session in private or with a small group of family, friends or with a team at work let’s say, we are able to accommodate you as well.

8.  How often am I able to do TR?
A.  We participate in our own TR practice and we facilitate.  We are honored to be able to hold space for others’ experiences and typically the feedback from participants after a session is amazing.  Quite often, people are having life changing experiences.  The good news is that although each session is different and not always necessarily “life changing”, they still have the ability to be impactful, beneficial and at the very least from a “health” perspective, detoxifying and relaxing.   We cannot make any health claims however, there is enough evidence to show that stress and toxins impact our health in many ways.
In our own experiences, the benefits are accumulative.  Doing a TR session consecutively for multiple days in a row can have huge impact for you, just like it does for us.  We believe TR is a practice that is very much in alignment with yoga and also, just as impactful over a period of regular practice.   People often talk about the “mind-body-spirit connection”.  Often in yoga they speak of the “mind-body connection”.   TR is the connection to the third part of that equation:  the connection to our spirit.   In wellness, we need a healthy body, mind and spirit.   So having said all that, TR could be done every day if a person chose to do that.

9. If I choose to make it a practice, am I able to do it on my own?
A.  Unfortunately, this isn’t recommended.  As facilitators, we are there to guide you during the session so we can insure you get the maximum benefit.   As facilitators ourselves, we would never do this alone.  There are no short cuts to this kind of practice.  It's our job and responsibility as facilitators to first of all, create a safe space for you to practice in.  We are there to take care of any physical needs you may have during a session.  For example, if you get cold or hot, we will put a blanket on you or remove the blanket for you.  We are there to make sure you don’t fall asleep as this can also happen with participants.  We are there to guide and encourage you.  We are also there to time the sessions.  We don’t want you to be distracted by any outside concerns.  This is our job so that you can fully be in the experience.  On this we will not compromise.

10.  Why is it called Transcendental Rebirthing?
A.  The TR breathing technique is designed to store maximum energy from your breath.  When you go in to the meditation portion of the session, you are able to temporarily “transcend” your body for a short time because of the energy you've stored.

Birth in itself is the most powerful experience (negative or positive) of our lives.  Birth memory is imprinted into every one of our 70 trillion cells.   Many, if not most, decisions in our lives were made in relation to our birth experience, remembered or not.

The combined benefits of rebirthing with the direct experience of your personal life force help to support a person in becoming conscious and aware.

You will be reintroduced to your own life force energy.  This is the same life force energy you entered into this world with.  When you come out of a session and bring your awareness back into the room, you are literally “reborn” and “rebirthed”.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Transcendental Rebirthing Breath Workshop

This workshop facilitates a very powerful personal development technique focused on breath that has been safely used by over 14 million people worldwide.

During these workshops, deep inner cleansing occurs allowing for integration, transformation and unfolding of some of your true potential.

Childhood trauma, imprinting and programming is often brought to the surface.  It is also an effective way to detoxify the body and to get rid of unwanted stress.  A person can feel energized for days and sometimes weeks afterwards.

This workshop is based on Pranayama (breath work) which is modified into a modernized version of an ancient technique.  Through this breath work you are enabled to directly experience your own life force.

Transcendental Rebirthing also enables you to transcend your body and to access the "other" side; to enter your inner space and to turn your life around in a new and exciting direction.


Absolutely no breakfast that morning (coffee, tea, juice, water) is okay up to an hour before the session start time.  Rebirthing sessions take place in the morning.

A yoga mat, a blanket, perhaps a low soft pillow.  Sessions are done lying on your back.  Bring whatever you need to be comfortable.

Dress sporty and comfortable.  For woman, don't wear a bra if you find them constricting.

Bring your curiosity and an open mind and soul.

Monday, December 19, 2016

How do you know where you are going if you don't know where you are?

I believe before we come into this physical existence, that we have already occupied a place in ‘space’.  I don't think that it's somehow magic; that at the moment we are born, we became a life force.  

I believe we were energy beings before we started living in a physical body.  The moment of our birth is when our physical existence started; not necessarily the start of our actual existence.

You can see me and I can see you.  We can feel one another through physical touch.  As a human being, we are able to experience a wide range and variety of experiences while we are in our human bodies.  As humans, we are still creating and coming up with new activities to use our bodies and to keep pushing the boundaries of them. 

Because I can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch objects around me in my physical existence, I believe them to be real.  It's the same for everyone around me.  We all go through our daily life co-existing on this physical plane, acting as though what we see was here before we entered into the moment.  On a grander scale, most of us aren’t even aware that we are actually creating everything around us “on the fly”. 

Just like you, I also have thoughts.  I can't see them, but I know they are there.  My thoughts are a real ‘thing’ that exists for me.  Just because I can't see your thoughts, doesn't mean they don't exist and aren’t ‘real’.  Our thoughts are always with us.  We cannot get away from them.  Our thoughts have a huge impact on our inner world and in turn, creates our outer, physical world, either positively or negatively.  We have the power to create our world and our own reality with our thoughts.

We are constantly making up and telling ourselves stories in our own inner world to assist us in navigating our outer world.   The problem is these stories can be truths or they can be lies.  We sometimes make up stories that we think will keep us safe. 

We have a thought and then our subconscious mind starts painting the picture in our mind's eye.  Actually I believe the truth is our subconscious mind started to paint the picture just before the thought came to us.  Once we have the picture, we start telling ourselves stories based on what we see.

I have the belief that I live a life of creation.  Everything I've ever wanted, I've thought about first.  I've made it happen in my ‘mind's eye’ before becoming a reality in my physical world.  Everything I've ever wanted I've got.  How do I know?  I just have to look around me and the evidence is everywhere.  I also believe that the deeper the connection to self, the deeper is the understanding of creation.  For me, TR is the repeated reintroduction to self.

Transcendental Rebirthing has taught me that we are all in this together.  We are all a part of a Universal life force that exists around us, whether we are aware of it or not.  Our awareness of ‘it’ has nothing to do with its existence. 

Quite simply put, Transcendental Rebirthing is the practice of the reintroduction to yourself.  TR puts you face to face with your own life force energy; this energy being that does all of the thinking, all of the worrying, all of the 'energy' work.  I think it's the same life force energy that existed before I came into the physical world.  I also think it's the same life force energy I'll leave this ‘world’ with when I die. 

The fact that I can connect with my life force energy directly like this on this physical plane repeatedly and transcend my body without me having to die truly astonishes me. 

When I do TR, things seem to become clearer.  Things become more focused.  The stories that I make up and tell myself to help me understand my human experience disappear.  I'm left with nothing but my truth.  I'm experiencing myself as I truly am.  The closer I get to my inner truth, the more details I see in the painting of my mind's eye.  Then I feel like I'm able to be more genuine in my physical world.