Friday, December 16, 2016

At times, I've lived my life in fear of letting people see the real me.  We go through our lives wearing masks.  There is a mask we wear when we are in public that might be different from the mask we wear at our jobs.  We may wear a different mask when we are with our partner than when we are completely alone.  Living a modern life asks that we wear different masks at different times depending on the role we are playing in that moment.

I'd like to quote Anees Jung:  "In each of us are wrapped hundreds of roles.  We are all faced with a thousand faces.  But the problem is when you start to play your ownself, then you frighten people because people don't want to see you as you are."
Even though we may wear different masks, there is a simple truth to it all.  How I am here now, is how I am everywhere.   For example, someone who is truthful and honest in one aspect of their life will more than likely be the same in other aspects.  It's the same with someone who is untrustworthy and dishonest.  

I believe that at our core, we know who we are.  If we have a conscience, we know intrinsically if we are being “real” with ourselves.  Being any other way can be taxing on one's soul.  I've known people in which something like this may be said about them:  "He's a nice guy when you get him away from work.”  Have you ever met someone like this in your own life?  Are you this person?  I've often wondered who the real person is.  Which behavior is more true to this person’s character then?

Ram Dass said this:  "I realized as a social psychologist, that we in the West had dealt so superficially with ourselves.  We have all gotten attached to our “roles”.  Here I am:  I'm being “Ram Dass”.  It's a role.  You are playing as though my role were real.  It's you who'll define which “I” you think of when you say “I”.

I believe that as a human being, we have three bodies.  We have a physical body, a dream body and a spirit body.  Transcendental Rebirthing reconnects us with our spirit body.  It puts us face to face with our own life force energy.  It's the “I” I think of, when I say “I”.   I've referred to this place as my "truth".  I call it this because things seem very clear to me.  Where I'm going and the path I need to take seems to unfold in front of me.  I just have to listen and not be fearful of taking off my mask to reveal who I really am.

Modern life can busy us with tasks that act more like distractions than activities that move us forward as human beings.   Transcendental Rebirthing is my regular practice that cleanses, rejuvenates and grounds me so that I'm better equipped to deal with the physical world around me.  Each time I do TR, another layer is peeled away and the world opens up in front of me.

Unmasked my job is to share Transcendental Rebirthing with you.

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