Saturday, December 17, 2016

Getting High on Life

I've always had the feeling that perhaps, there is something more.  By 'more' I mean, something more than just this physical existence; like there is a parallel world that exists on some energetic level.

Looking back in hindsight, I realize that from a very young age I've been seeking 'something'.  In my younger years, I satisfied that need to look for ‘more’ with chemical drugs.  After these ‘trips’ ended, there were times when I would literally ‘land back’ on my feet.  I would look around me and have the realization that I had just ‘come back’ in this moment.  Unfortunately, it was a drug trip and not a real vacation or holiday.   Questions for me still remained:  Where was this trip?  What part of my psyche was I tapping into?

Doing chemical drugs is harmful and dangerous, to say the least.  At times I’m surprised that I made it out relatively unscathed.  I do not condone drug use nor will I deny they were a part of my past.  I mention it here because it's relevant to where I am today.  Once at the age of 16, I remember being on an acid trip and having flashes in front of my eyes.  It felt like I was tapping into this place of Universal knowledge.  It felt in that moment, like I had the Universe ‘figured out’ on an energetic level.  That was 42 years ago.

There is a documentary called “DMT:  The Spirit Molecule” that I would encourage people to watch.  This natural chemical, DMT, is present in most life forms.  The release of DMT into our physical chemistry system is how we experience bliss.  Research into psychedelic drugs showed that chemicals can have a similar effect.  Below are a few quotes from the documentary.

”Psychedelics takes us from science to the spirit,” says Alex Grey (Artist).

“The pineal gland at certain times when it’s under specific stress or stimulation, releases a significant amount of this hormone DMT.  It’s that hormone that facilitates the entering and exiting of the soul in the body. This is what the Jewish sage mystics have been describing in a coded language for thousands of years,” says Joel Bakst (Rabbi).

“DMT makes it clear that disembodied consciousness is a possibility,” says Terence McKenna (Writer/Psychonaut).

Did you know that in 1970, the U.S. government stopped all research into psychedelic drugs because they found that for a great majority of participants, it was the starting point to their ‘road to enlightenment’?   This drug experience challenged their belief system so much that they started to question everything.  The “powers that be” know that an enlightened population does not make for good consumers. 

Jeremy Narby (PhD/Anthropologist) says, “Why is it in the entire Western world, these substances that are found to be so interesting by hundreds of cultures for thousands of years, are prohibited?”

“Any kind of consciousness that is not related to the production or consumption of material goods is stigmatized in our society today,” says Graham Hancock (Writer).  “Of course we accept drunkenness.  We allow people some brief respite from the material grind."

Recent developments are showing that as Canadians, we are becoming more accepting of marijuana use.  Our government’s acceptance of it comes from their desire to tax its consumption of course, just like alcohol.    

My seeking eventually turned towards books.  In books, I discovered that there were others that had very much the same philosophy of life as I did.  It was reassuring to know I wasn't alone in my seeking of finding 'more'.  Reading these kinds of books held real impact for me.  They coincided with this internal longing that I was not able to verbally express.  The written word can be a very powerful and useful tool.  

I met my partner, Martina 18 years ago back in 1999.  Martina and I have been on a path of personal growth and discovery.  Over that period of time, she has been the one that has led us to our next ‘discovery’.  We purposefully sought out experiences that challenged our belief systems.  Looking back, those experiences had as much or more impact on me as the drug experiences did.  One big difference is that participating in personal growth courses is far less dangerous and harmful.  Our seeking eventually led us to Transcendental Rebirthing breath work.

Now that I've experienced TR so many times, I obviously know what to expect going into a session; although it can still be different every time to some degree.  I must admit, I'm hooked on the feeling.  At the beginning of a session for the first few minutes, I work at finding my own pace and rhythm.  Then, this familiar feeling starts; a rush of energy starts to flow over me.  I can feel the build-up of energy in my body as I breathe. 

Then, I have the realization that with each intake of breath, I extend the length of my life.  I realize I can stay alive for only as long as my last breath will sustain me.  Breath is life.  My whole body starts to buzz with energy as I'm drawing my breath in.   It feels like I'm getting high; but a natural high.  If breath is life, then I'm truly getting high on life. 

TR is such a potentially life changing experience.  For me, I'm able to safely take a 'trip' using nothing but my breath; simply by using the life force energy that keeps me alive.  Years ago when I found words in books to express how I was feeling, I now struggle at times, to find words to express just how amazing an experience Transcendental Rebirthing can be.  I invite you to join us and experience it for yourself.

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