Thursday, December 29, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Transcendental Rebirthing (TR)?
A. This method is based on an ancient breathing technique called Pranayama breath work which has been developed with other techniques designed for the modern world.  By using the TR breath method, you are able to directly experience your own life force.  It is one of the most relaxing and blissful meditation exercises you will experience.  Rebirthing is the fastest growing personal development technique in the world.  Over 14 million people have used various rebirthing methods. This safe and powerful breathing process releases stress, tension and negative emotional programming from the body, freeing it so that a person can live to his/hers highest potential.   Abundance of energy is the key to bliss and happiness.   Life force in its purest form is most easily assimilated from air through breath.   We are not talking about oxygen.  It is the energy that gives movement to the oxygen atom itself and to everything in the Universe.

2. Why do TR sessions take place in the morning?
A.  For most people, the morning is a time in which people are the most energetic and fresh.  During a day, we can spend a lot of our energy doing a number of activities:  digesting food; working; exercising, driving, taking children to activities, etc.  All of this takes energy.  When there is stress on top of that, by the time evening arrives, most of us are tired and spent.  It is our desire as facilitators that you get the maximum benefit from a TR experience.  Starting your day with a TR session is the best way to make that happen.  There will be less of a compromise of your experience as you will have more energy in the morning.  We also ask that you do not eat before a session and that will be easier to do first thing in the day.  See FAQ 3

3. Why can't I eat before the session?
A.  One of the most important reasons is:  we don't want the call of nature to interrupt and distract you from your TR experience.  Water, tea, coffee or juice is fine up to one hour before the session's scheduled start time.  Fruit is okay an hour before as well as it digests quickly.  TR involves very focused and rigorous breathing.  Any kind of digestion takes energy, so drinking and eating very light will take less of it.  See F.A.Q. 2

4. How long does the session take?
A.  The session lasts approximately 75 minutes with 2 active parts focused on breathing and a passive part which is meditative.  A TR experience can be very impactful.   Quite often when people come out of their TR session, we have found that they want to share the experience with the group.  We highly encourage people to share their experience as we all learn from each other in this way.  We always make time available after the session.  This way, you can choose to participate in the discussion, journal about your experience or simply hang out in a quiet space.  How long you stay after the session is up to you.  We highly encourage people to stay and share.  Depending on the size of the group, the sharing portion can last about another hour.   However, if you need to leave early, please let us know ahead of time.  If you would like to share, we will make arrangements for you to go first.

5. What do I need to bring?
A.  You will be lying on your back on the floor for the session.  Bring whatever you need to make yourself comfortable and warm.  We suggest:  a yoga mat, a blanket or two, and perhaps a small pillow.  Please wear loose and comfortable clothing.   You may want to bring a bottle of water and a snack for after the session.

6. What can I expect from a TR session?
A.  Humans release bodily toxins four different ways.  In order of effectiveness they are:  breathing, sweating, defecation and urination.  TR is a focused and vigorous breathing technique.  Subsequently, you will get rid of accumulated toxins in your body.  Cleansing your body of toxins assists you in clearing your mind.  At the minimum, you will experience a very blissful and relaxing meditation.   Everyone's experience is varied and different.  I find from my own experience, it is always different in some way.  It can be very physical, emotional, relaxing, visual, enlightening or all of the above and everything in between.  Expect the unexpected is our motto.

7. Is TR done in a group setting or alone?   How many people can participate in a session?
A.  On average, there are usually 10 people in a session, however sometimes less and sometimes more.  A tremendous amount of energy gets moved during a TR session.  As the number of participants increases, the energy increases.  For first-timers, being in a group setting can have real benefits.  Sometimes it takes some time to find your own rhythm and pace of breath.  If you are struggling with this, being able to hear participants breathing may just be the encouragement you need.   We find that groups will generally work together and by the end of the session, everyone is breathing in unison.
However, if you would prefer to do a session in private or with a small group of family, friends or with a team at work let’s say, we are able to accommodate you as well.

8.  How often am I able to do TR?
A.  We participate in our own TR practice and we facilitate.  We are honored to be able to hold space for others’ experiences and typically the feedback from participants after a session is amazing.  Quite often, people are having life changing experiences.  The good news is that although each session is different and not always necessarily “life changing”, they still have the ability to be impactful, beneficial and at the very least from a “health” perspective, detoxifying and relaxing.   We cannot make any health claims however, there is enough evidence to show that stress and toxins impact our health in many ways.
In our own experiences, the benefits are accumulative.  Doing a TR session consecutively for multiple days in a row can have huge impact for you, just like it does for us.  We believe TR is a practice that is very much in alignment with yoga and also, just as impactful over a period of regular practice.   People often talk about the “mind-body-spirit connection”.  Often in yoga they speak of the “mind-body connection”.   TR is the connection to the third part of that equation:  the connection to our spirit.   In wellness, we need a healthy body, mind and spirit.   So having said all that, TR could be done every day if a person chose to do that.

9. If I choose to make it a practice, am I able to do it on my own?
A.  Unfortunately, this isn’t recommended.  As facilitators, we are there to guide you during the session so we can insure you get the maximum benefit.   As facilitators ourselves, we would never do this alone.  There are no short cuts to this kind of practice.  It's our job and responsibility as facilitators to first of all, create a safe space for you to practice in.  We are there to take care of any physical needs you may have during a session.  For example, if you get cold or hot, we will put a blanket on you or remove the blanket for you.  We are there to make sure you don’t fall asleep as this can also happen with participants.  We are there to guide and encourage you.  We are also there to time the sessions.  We don’t want you to be distracted by any outside concerns.  This is our job so that you can fully be in the experience.  On this we will not compromise.

10.  Why is it called Transcendental Rebirthing?
A.  The TR breathing technique is designed to store maximum energy from your breath.  When you go in to the meditation portion of the session, you are able to temporarily “transcend” your body for a short time because of the energy you've stored.

Birth in itself is the most powerful experience (negative or positive) of our lives.  Birth memory is imprinted into every one of our 70 trillion cells.   Many, if not most, decisions in our lives were made in relation to our birth experience, remembered or not.

The combined benefits of rebirthing with the direct experience of your personal life force help to support a person in becoming conscious and aware.

You will be reintroduced to your own life force energy.  This is the same life force energy you entered into this world with.  When you come out of a session and bring your awareness back into the room, you are literally “reborn” and “rebirthed”.

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