Wednesday, January 18, 2017

F**k It

F**k It
Transcendental Rebirthing (TR) is based on an ancient technique modified for our modern world.  All over the world, people are practicing techniques just like it, or very similar.  I would like to bring to your attention a few excerpts from a chapter of a book titled 'f**k It therapy: the profane way to profound happiness’ by Author John C. Parkin.

From Chapter:  Breathe It (Pages 190-192)

“So, breathing; most holistic practices have some breathing component, and that says something about breathing.  Basically, some really cool guys in India a few thousand years ago realized that your emotional patterns are connected to your breathing patterns: so when you feel peaceful, you breathe in a certain way, which is different from the way you breathe when you fill out a spreadsheet, which is different again from how you breathe when in love.  And so they realized that if you do it the other way around – i.e., change the way you breathe – you can change the way you feel.”  (Pages 190, 191)

This is so very true of TR.  It never ceases to amaze me just how much we can alter the way we feel by using something as simple and natural as our own breath.

“The other aspect of breathing is it’s the only automatic function of the body you can easily change at will.  So you can ask anyone to breathe faster, or slower, or to hold their breath, and they're able to. (Ask them to do the same with their heart rate and see how they look at you.)  So as we grow up, because breathing is connected to emotions and is easily controllable, we start creating breathing patterns connected to emotions, which eventually become fixed.   As our great friend (and great breath master) Dan Brule points out: ‘Your breathing patterns become like a fingerprint, unique to you.’  So, by working with your breathing, you can work with your way of being, and you can shift patterns quickly and deeply.  What I see in everyone is that the way a person breathes represents the way they live.  Reading someone’s breathing can tell you practically everything about him or her, and gives great potential for working with them.”  (Page 191)

I believe in a very simple precept:  How I am here is how I am everywhere.   This shows up for me every time I have a TR session.  An extraordinary effort will have extraordinary results.  A mediocre effort will have a mediocre result.  Very simple.

“Of course, the breathing we use and teach is in true F**k It style, and is inspired by a technique called Breathwork, which funnily enough isn’t at all about work.  What we do isn’t a breathing exercise as such, it is a way to open fully and let go fully using breathing.“  (Page 191)

“It’s based on a surprisingly simple technique of inhaling fully on the in-breath and letting go fully on the out-breath, without holding on to pauses.  Just try five of those breaths:  deep full in-breath, short, relaxed letting go out-breath - no pauses.  Simple stuff, it seems.  But, as usual, in simplicity is depth, too.  As most of us tend not to live fully (represented by the energy of the full in-breath), and are unable to let go (the total relaxed letting go out-breath), this breathing immediately brings up most of the issues we want to unblock – and the possibility of moving beyond them.  It is amazing to discover you can just breathe in the face of anything, instead of stopping and getting swamped by events, thoughts, and judgments.  So breathing becomes a great way of saying F**k It: F**k It, just breathe.

Life comes up with its stuff, you breathe, you embrace, you keep breathing, you move on; it’s just stuff.  Then you touch on the miraculous simplicity of life.  There’s nothing fancy about miracles, they are all there is.  But most of the time we can’t see that, and we go on looking for miracles somewhere else while it’s all happening under our noses.  So, we get people to breathe and ‘see.’”  (Pages 191, 192)

A miracle is a pretty big claim, but I can tell you from my own personal experience that the practice of Transcendental Rebirthing has improved my daily life.  Our breath and the way we breathe, truly does have the potential to dramatically change the way we feel.  Practicing TR regularly continues to have a positive effect on my life.  We invite to join us for a TR session of your own and see for yourself.

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