Thursday, January 26, 2017

How I am here, Is how I am everywhere

How I am here, is how I am everywhere....

If you are reading this, I’m going to ask you to take as deep of a breath as you can and then, hold it.  And keep holding.  Now, what if I told you this is your last breath?  That your life ends when you've run out of the energy this last breath has provided you.  Would you have taken a deeper breath knowing it was your last?  When I asked you to take as deep of a breath as you could, did you?  If you didn't, ask yourself why not?  Did you hold on to that last breath as long as you possibly could?

Is this the way you go through your life?  If you are asked to participate in something and you accept, do you 'take as deep of a breath as you can' or just do a half job of it? This could be anything you participate in: your relationships, your job, and your hobbies.  Are the people and things in your life that you surround yourself with motivating you enough for you to give them your ALL?  Our breath is a reflection and a metaphor for how we do our life.

The practice of Transcendental Rebirthing (TR) has taught me so much about who I am; what's truly important to me and ultimately, the direction I need to go.  Just knowing the direction is not enough though.  I still need to take the steps to continue on my journey.  It's not enough to have the map.  I need a vehicle in order for there to be a road trip.

Far too often I've lived my life like it's a practice run.  I have gone through life without any direction; without a road map, so to speak.   Modern life seems designed to do that.  It provides enough distractions so I am not able to focus on what's truly important to me.

How I breathe is how I go through my life.  Do I take big deep breaths with every inhale?  Conversely, do I exhale fully and let go completely?  With every exhale of breath, our bodies cleanse itself of toxins.  Do I expel as much as I could?  Do I live my life fully?

The practice of TR is an exercise.  In a session, you will be asked to fill your lungs to maximum capacity; to draw in as much life force energy and breath as you can.  Just when you think you are at your maximum capacity, I’ll ask you to expand beyond that and to stretch past what you thought was possible.

How you participate in a TR session is the same as how you participate in your life.  An extraordinary effort will have an extraordinary result.  Our job as facilitators is simply to guide you through the exercise and process.  We are here to support you and to create a safe environment for you to go where you need to go in that particular session.  A Transcendental Rebirthing session has the ability to be transforming and LIFE transforming.  During the active portions of the session, we use our lungs to their full capacity and beyond so that we can temporarily ‘transcend’ our bodies. When we re-enter our bodies, it can be compared to being ‘reborn’. 

Every day we are given another chance to take as deep of a breath as we can.  Every day we are given another chance to live our lives fully.  How I choose to participate in a TR session is exactly the same as how I choose to participate in my life.  Am I making choices that allow me to live fully or not?

I truly believe that ‘how I am here’ is ‘how I am everywhere.’    

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